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Leaving for Asia (On a Jet Plane)

Leaving in the morning for three weeks in Asia.  First to the International Network of Engaged Buddhists conference, this year in Bodhgaya. Then about ten days in Burma, meeting people, helping to run some community development trainings, and having a … Continue reading

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Jarvis Masters — Re-thinking His Evidentiary Hearing

 My thoughts here have been taking shape since the dark day that findings from  Jarvis’s evidentiary hearing were announced.  He and I have discussed the court process and outcome extensively,  and he encouraged me to write this. —  A.S.,  20 … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street, Fully Occupy Yourself

    The Book of Serenity, a Chinese koan collection contains this enigmatic story: The World Honored One was walking with the congregation. He stopped and pointed to the ground and said, “This is a good place to build a … Continue reading

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